Re: Update On Firefox Crashing Issue


Ron, if you go to help > Troubleshooting Information in the firefox
menu, you find the refresh option as well as others you may wish to
use, such as starting it in safe mode, etc, which I actually strongly
suggest you consider doing.

On 9/18/18, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:
Hi Group,

I  am now running the Firefox 64 bit version of Firefox on my 64 bit
Windows 10 system.  (Is there a 32 bit version of Windows 10?)  In any
case, I was still getting periodic crashes and lock ups.  I did a
Firefox refresh.  This is supposed to return Firefox and any add ons to
their default state.  According to an article on Firefox support, you
are supposed to be able to do this somehow from the help/about screen.
I did not see it there.  Maybe its hidden from screen reader access
somehow.  In any case, you will have a link to doing this on the
following page.

Find the refresh Firefox link and follow the prompts.

This has created much more stability in
Firefox 62 64 bit and I am even hearing many audio streamd and other
audio/video files.  Something still doesn't seem right. It's a bit
slower than it was with NVDA 2018.2 and somehow (as Commander Scott used
to say on the original Star Trek series: 'Ay Captain, something doesn't
feel right about the ship.)  I can't quite put my finger on it, but
pages load slower and arrow key navigation seems sluggish at times just
a bit and on other more cluttered pages somewhat more.  I am guessing,
but I wonder if somehow, when the accessibility feature of Firefox is
allowed under tools/options/privacy and security, that in some way, some
installations of NVDA can subtly change some DLL files or other related
files within Firefox itself.

This is the current status: usable, but not totally satisfactory.

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