Re: NVDA 2018.3.1rc1 fix for Firefox crashing

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Quentin

I just noticed this email did it come in last night? I see the time but no date. I also noted it is 2018.3.1 RC1 which i do not think was there going to the snap shot page?

Just in the process of downloading it then testing it. I have also made a portable version and trying it out with the installer version as well.

Or is this a separatebranch to the others.?

I will get back to you after some testing.

Gene nz
On 20/09/2018 1:48 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:

Hi everyone,

Mick has worked overtime and compiled NVDA 2018.3.1rc1 to address the issues with Firefox crashing.

Please download it and let us know if it has fixed it for your or whether there are still problems.

Kind regards


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