Re: Can not reinstall NVDA after installing Code Factory Voices

Ron Canazzi

Hi Dave,

As far as the NVDA total uninstall, as with most programs, you should do the normal uninstall routine and then delete the folders under programs file or program files X86 and/or program data that refer to NVDA.

As far as the issue with Code Factory voices, the website for that check up seems to have issues.  E-mail the owners and tell them that you are having issues with the serial number/installation.  They will fix it at their end.  It happened to me twice so far when I installed the voices on a different system after a crash.

On 9/20/2018 9:59 AM, Dave wrote:

Am New to the List, and have a couple of Questions that will be covered in this, and another post.

I am having problems reinstalling NVDA to a Win 7 64 bit System.

It was installed and working fine. Then I purchased the Code Factory Voices, and this is when I started to have issues.

I installed the Code Factory voices, and inserted the Authorization Key, so the Voices would work correctly.

However, when ever I started up NVDA, it would start, but I would always receive a Code Factory Message telling me that the 30 Day Demo of the voices has Expired, and that I would need to purchase the Code Factory voices if I wanted to use them.

I had already purchased them, installed them, and installed the Authorization key. And when I Clicked on the OK to make the message go away, NVDA and the Selected Code Factory Voice would work as it should.

Well, I wanted to clean up the false warning message, so I thought of re-installing the Authorization key. This hade no effect on the problem.

I then thought uninstalling NVDA and Code Factory and then reinstalling would fix the problem.

So, NVDA was uninstalled, and I was not able to find an uninstall for the Code Factory voices.

I attempted to reinstall the latest NVDA program, and I get to the License agreement screen. I agree, and when the install goes to the next screen, the System begins Beeping about one Beep per second.

I have left the NVDA install running, and Beeping for up to 40 minutes with no change, and there was No install.

Does anyone know how to remove all vestiges of NVDA and of the Code Factory Voices?

Hope so, because I now have one System that will not allow me to install NVDA.

Thanks for any reply,


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