Re: Can not reinstall NVDA after installing Code Factory Voices

Dave <dlh007@...>

Hello Ron,

Yep, have already done everything you suggested. Erased any folder
having to do with NVDA, and this after uninstalling it from Programs and
Features. Thought it was odd that
I still found a folder to remove manually.

As for contacting the folks at Code Factory. Yes, did that too. They
issued me a new Authorization code, but it have no effect in clearing up
the 30 Day Demo expiration message. So, after that was when I started
to uninstall NVDA in hopes of clearing off everything, and now I'm not
able to reinstall NVDA.

And is why I am hoping someone here might know the Secret to clearing
off everything
I could do a System restore, but I really don't wish to do this, as this
Malfunction took place a few months back, and I've done a lot of
additions to the System since.

I contacted Code Factory yesterday, and they don't even have me
registered as a purchaser of their product. Good thing I've kept my
emails confirming my order and my previous two Authorization keys.

<Slight laugh> Isn't Computing Fun?


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