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Kevin Cussick

Hi, Ok will try thanks.

On 19/09/2018 23:18, Lino Morales wrote:
Hi Kevin. If you sign into the bookmarks sync in Waterfox you can still get your bookmarks back like you did in FF.
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I don't think so, How do I get book marks from say firefox into water
fox? sorry I suppose I have somewhat high jacked this sorry mods. but
to answer the question I am sure it will not work portable version of an
older ff and the webvisum might work.
On 19/09/2018 21:57, David Mehler wrote:

Does Waterfox and Webvisum work with each other?


On 9/19/18, JM Casey <crystallogic@...> wrote:
Interesting thoughts. Thanks.

But of course, Firefox Quantum is not inaccessible; NVDA quite nicely got up
to speed and I was even able to use version 57 with it for a time.
Not so with jAWS, where there still seem to be problems.
It is rather unfortunate about the add-ons, though.

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The quantom engine itself is not a bad thing.

But the fact to fix security they block direct access to windows well thats

Put it this way, 16 bit stuff especially old dos stuff trying to access the
hardware directly.

There can be issues with windows because of that.

Before that, software used to get in other software's way.

The issue now though is that just about everything ie registry, standard
windows controls and accessibility libs need direct access, now just about
every addon author has to write their own interface.

Thats why firefox quantom is totally inaccessible.

Its a security trade off there is no solution, I understand why they do it
even aplord them for doing so but its a trade off.

Waterfox will use classic addons as well as the new quantom engine and the
web extention apis.

So in short we should be able to run both libraries eventually.

Sadly older addons as long as they will be available like noscript will
continue but newer ones will not work but eventually waterfox will go

But will continue using classic libraries as well as the new ones.

So in theory we should be able to run most of everything.

Think of windows 10 linux or vmware or talking dosbox or something like

There will probably be a few limitations.

Its unknown what those are.

However this is a community developed project based on the mozilla code
without all the extra mozilla addons etc.

Sadly its also indicated it can't stay in the happy place it is now because
the current engine has limitations.

With thunderbird quantom, addons are just not accessible at all.

Thats fine because I never used them and I find most of the rest of the
engine actually usable.

I'd like the addons to work but chances are I wouldn't be accessing them

On 9/19/2018 7:11 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Yes I have to say this is a cleaner faster browser altogether from the
64 bit standpoint but anyone running 32 bit windows cannot use it, as
its been optimised for the 64 bit system and that may well be why its
snappier generally. They say they are inheriting all the classic add
ons so we assume from that that they have no intention of going Quantum,.

They are seemingly attacking any security issues through other means.

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Hello everyone,

Further to my previous post, I noticed that Waterfox was recommended
as an alternative browser to Mozilla Firefox. I have installed
Waterfox 56.2.3 and updated NVDA to 2018.3 and Waterfox works fine.
If anything, it loads faster than Firefox and takes me straight to
Google, my preferred home page.

Best wishes,

Clive Pallett

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