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Jim Pipczak

Hi Q,


I didn’t do what I tell everyone else to do when something strange happens, and that is to reboot. Once I did everything worked as expected.

I’ll remember about attachments in the future as well.


As for the Firefox issue, the 18.3.1 version fixed the problem. Well done to the team on a quick fix. I think it’s time for a new donation.







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Hi Jim,


The image didn't come through.  I was going to say maybe because it was to the list, but your signature image came through so I'm not sure.




On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 2:10 PM Jim Pipczak <jim.pipczak@...> wrote:

Hi Q,


I installed the new 18.3.1 version at work on a Windows 10 laptop. Nothing to do with Firefox this time.

As part of the installation I got the following message as per the image.

I assume this will cause some problems with speech along the way.







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