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Ian Westerland

Hello. The latest version of NVDA is working really well and I'd say, better than ever for my uses. So, thanks to everyone involved for your efforts.

I do a lot of online shopping on sites ranging from Coals and Woolworths Supermarkets to clothing shops and occasionally Ebay. Do others have the same issue as me with webb sites working better with a variety of Browsers? This morning I started by using Chrome on the Just Jeans site but couldn't find the Payment button. I changed to FireFox, then to WaterFox and still couldn't find the Pay button. Good old IE turned out to be the only one I had that gave me access to that button.

When I am really up against the technology, good old Window-Eyes has been known to be the solution but this is rare these days.

Any comments?

Thank you.

Ian Westerland

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