Re: Web Browsers

Dave <dlh007@...>

Hello Ian,

Yes, I too noticed a Snappier behavior from this latest version of NVDA.

I was using FireFox.

As for the various Browsers being able to read all buttons, or Links, or
different aspects on a Web Site- Yes, I too have noticed this.

I have been looking for work lately, and when on, a
Employment Web Site, Sometimes I can read the Needed Links, and then
other times, those links are not seen.

Or once I've used them once, even if I return to the Main page of the
web site, for what ever reason, I cannot find or read these links. Have
to shut down my Browser, and then re-visit the same site, and then those
links will show up, but only sometimes. Go Figure!

And as far as differences between Screen Readers, Yes there too, I have
noticed that one will read something better than the others. I am a
long time Window eyes user, who moved over to Jaws, and have had NVEA as
the Screen Reader I call up to bail me out of Trouble when the others
stop speaking.

Over the last five years or so, I have actually found NVDA to be getting
stronger and stronger. In fact, when I needed to switch over to JAWS,
at that time, I almost just switched to NVDA. I have one program that
NVDA will not read the screens, and Jaws does, so have been using Jaws.

But, like I said, NVDA has come a long way, and is actually a very good
Screen Reader.


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