Re: Web Browsers

Dave <dlh007@...>

Hello Brian,

I would like to believe that more programmers today, at least know of the
need for writing Software with Screen Readers in mind, but I have my

There is such a Flood of new Software, and then there are the countless
Updates for everything currently available.

With the urgent push to get new and updated software out the door,
giving the attention needed to add Screen Reader support just seems more
of a Dream, than something likely to be done.

Even though it seems like I have greater accessibility today, I can't
help but sense that we've actually less total access than in years past.

What good is a Web Site, when you can read 90 percent of it, but can't
read the Check Out function?

Or find the Button that lets the Shopper move to the next 25 listings

I know there is the ADA that is a set of laws that are to require many
things be done to ease the access to many things, from Buildings to
Software, but so many things slip through without any kind of
consideration for those in need of the alterations. Unless the laws are enforced, then what good is the law?

I was just mentioning to a friend the other day, that I am sure telling
a lie is against the law. And yet our Politicians and Media
personalities lie to us all the time.

So is the Set of Laws known as the ADA, doing us that much good?


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