[beta] Site updates


Thanks Mark! Be sure the Icons have a text alternative or alt text for screen readers. Thanks again!

On 9/21/2018 10:40 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug in the /downloadarchives API endpoint.
  • CHANGE: Added a bunch of panels to Account, Edit Sub and Member pages to try to make things more clear. Also worked on some of the descriptions.
  • BUGFIX: The 'To' header line of Email Integrations contained an invalid email address.
  • NEW: Made the database table map view display much quicker, without the flickering as it loaded the map.
  • NEW: New member post status overrides: Override: moderate the first message of every topic this person starts and Override: moderate all topics started by this person
  • API: New subscription post_status values: sub_poststatus_modfirstmessage, sub_poststatus_modstartedtopics
  • CHANGE: Made New Poll a tab in the sidebar instead of a button on the New Topic page.
  • NEW: Respect column colors in table map views.
  • NEW: In a table map view, we now pop up a title when mousing over a pin.
  • NEW: In a premium group, when viewing a table with an address, changed the toggle buttons between map and list views.
  • NEW: Upgraded to Fontawesome 5.3.1
  • BUGFIX: In a premium group, when changing the sort of a table with an address in list view, it'd go back to map view.
  • MISC: Cleaned up a lot of CSS on the website and made all the icons a consistent type.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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