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I'm not exactly sure when the date moving back problem occurs.  It may occur when I am on the first date and move up to the line that says something like showing events after (a date.)  Look for earlier events.  When I move back from the first event, or perhaps from the line about showing events though I think its back from the first event, the date of events shown from changes.  I'm not sure to what extent this may happen using JAWS.  
We need reports from other members.  I'm using an old version of JAWS but I see all headings.  Also, when I press enter on the showing events line in JAWS, the date line changes, as you would expect it to do.  When I pressed enter using NVDA on that line, nothing changed.
In both cases, I am using an old copy of both screen-readers and Chrome is somewhat old as well. 
I don't know this, but I suspect this may be some sort of JAVA script problem.  I found that the calendar doesn't display if I turn JAVA off. 

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Subject: [nvda] Need some browser and screenreader input on a page

Our charity has a page with an events calendar on it at

Now with nvda, I can navigate by header to the  frame with the calendar in
it. I can hear it say the date its showing events from, with a clickable if
you wish to change it, but when I cursor down, it seems that the calendar
date is a month before the date its supposed to be.
 With me so far?
 However just powered up jaws 2018 and tried to do the same thing. Headers
do not seem to work to that point. I need to stop before it and go down, but
I'm still cursoring down and this time the event in the calendar does not
alter at all. This is in the latest version of firefox and the latest
version of Waterfox. Both seem to behave  the same, ie differently on the

Its as if the calendar thinks I've hit the scroll up in nvda but  is OK in
Jaws. About the headings, well I am not an expert on Jaws, so I might be
missing something.

So what is occurring, our site builder is beginning to lose his mind!

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