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Here is confirmation of what I suspected was the case and which I discuss in my message, quoted below this one. 
the setting for telling to send me my own messages or whatever the exact wording is applies only to GMail accounts.  Ordinarily, GMail doesn't send messages from lists to the sender.  I tried the solution that is often given for this problem which is to use the "recent" command that Google provides.  But I found that that command doesn't tell you whether the message reached the list.  It sends you a copy of any message you send to anyone.  I started receiving copies of messages I sent to friends and all nonlist mail.  So the recent command is useless for this problem.  I'm glad I found this out because now I won't suggest a command that gives the illusion that you are receiving your messages from the list when you are just being sent every message you send to everyone.  I just started using GMail so I tested out this often given possible solution and I found, as I said, that it isn't one.
The solution is briefly discussed in the following thread, as well as that only GMail users have this probem and that everyone else should receive copies of messages they send to the list. 
When I started using GMail, I received all messages I sent to lists so this setting is evidently on by default.  I don't know if it always was so people who signed up before a certain date may not be receiving copies of their messages and may want to change it.

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I get copies of my own messages on this and all other lists I have been on.  therefore, it is reasonable to assume that this is the expected behavior in general.  It may be that those using GMail may not get copies of their messages and I suspect the person who asked this question is a GMail user.  A lot of GMail users have complained about this in the past.  Checking the send me a copy option may solve the problem for lists but not for other e-mail lists when using GMail.
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This will be my last message regarding "the footer issue" until or unless Mark comes back with something indicating he's made a change.

First, I will apologize to folks, because my memory of "the footer cluster" only applies to HTML formatted e-mail messages from  This is the default format, and the vast majority of traffic I see from all groups when I'm in individual message mode comes to me this way.  That being said, if a user changes the "send format" that they use to plain text email under the "Reply to Sender" link/function will not be available at the end of plain text messages.  I have never been on any group, including this one or any of the blind and low-vision technology groups, where the bulk of the membership in said group has gone in to their account settings on the website and set their e-mail send format to plain text.

Mark has said he will look into trying to create a function in the plain text messages that would allow for the "Reply to Sender" function, or something quite similar to it, that's part and parcel of each and every HTML e-mail that goes out from to be available in plain text messages as well.  My guess is that this will be at or near the bottom of the priority list, since relatively few users choose to set their send option to plain text so relatively few recipients ever get a plain text message from a group.

If you have an individual message from that does not have a "Reply to Sender" link after the main body of the message the only reason that should occur is if the originating party has tweaked their account preferences (, Post Preference item to "Plain text."  As an aside, I have seen someone recently asking why they did not get a copy of their own message when they posted.  That's not the default behavior, either, since it is reasonable to believe that most are not interested in seeing what they've written themselves.  There is a checkbox at the bottom of the preferences page for, "I always want copies of my own messages," and it is unchecked by default.


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