Re: CAPTCHA Be Gone abandoned also?


Haha. A little initiative never hurts…


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Hi Brian,


Can you tell us about these 7 captcha solving services.  Are they all fee for service? Are any of them free?


Thanks in advance.



On 9/23/2018 10:40 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

With or without hyphens, searching for Captcha-Be-Gone in the Add-Ons under the latest version of Firefox is turning up nothing.  That suggests to me that it's either abandonware or very tardy in redeveloping for Firefox Quantum, and I'd bet on the former.

There are two add-ons that might be of use, though:

                          I'm not a robot captcha clicker which does exactly what it's name suggests

and                    ReCaptcha Solver  which allows you to use any one of 7 different Captcha solver services and to toggle between them.  You have to have account(s) with each service you might want to try to use and I have no idea of just how accessible the interface might be

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