Re: has anybody seen this using windows 1803


I do see this from time to time on systems that need a username and password, usually for a private ftp or other share.

Usually you get a passphrase set for that or a share.

However if its something perminant and I need web access with a username and password, and its an ftp I will be using I usually just ask for ftp access and then use my ftp client to pull the files with the advantage, I can get what I want, bugger off and I know it will be done when its done.

On 9/24/2018 4:19 AM, Mohamed wrote:
Based on how you describe it, this is probably a tech support scam. Just close the tab.

On 9/23/2018 11:42 AM, Tony Ballou wrote:
howdy folks,

Has anyone seen the following message when trying to download content
from the web using windows 1803, (Authentication Required, your computer
is blocked) the dialog box also has edit fields for a user name and
password. One of my musician friends is trying to send me a set of jazz
Mp3's for our next upcoming rehearsal. Is this some sort of windows
security thing or what?  Never seen it before.



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