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Gary Metzler

Hi Quentin,


Here is the url in question:




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What does the "Target" field in your shortcut have in it?  If I have a desktop shortcut with the target set to:

etc, it loads the page in the default browser - Edge in this case.


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Hi Brian,

My default browser is edge.

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What is the default browser set as?

 It sounds a bit like a windows issue. I've seen something similar in
windows 7 if a browser is launched with different syntax for the page you
wanted to go to so to speak.


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> Hi All,
> I am using the latest win10 and nvda.  Whenever I start my facebook
> shortcut
> and it loads I get the message invalid entry.  But, when I do this within
> edge it doesn't happen.  It only happens with edge and desktop shortcuts.
> Has anyone else noticed this?  Can this be fixed?  Thanks for any help.
> Regards, Gary KN4Ox
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