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This discussion seems to be flaring up a lot on here. It would save a lot of this if people in charge of add ons pointed people at Josephs patched version for now.
What one has to remember is that the original was written by a team, who collaborated under crowd funding to get the work done. Having done it, the team was broken up. Now we are trying to get some of that team to fix it to match new versions of nvda. Looking forward, this problem is only going to get worse as Python 3 looms larger.

What is done about add ons where the authors have moved on is a much bigger problem, which includes remote. That is what NV Access need to solve. Admittedly the add ons are outside of their realm of influence in the main, but the changes that cause them to fail are their responsibility so some effort by them needs to be made, in my view ahead of the next major change in NVDA or people will not be able to use new versions productively any more.
it is also unfair to rely on Josephs good offices in this as he has work to do and a life to live and people can easily burn out through trying to do the right thing without support.
I wish I could help but do not have the skills.

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Absolutely right. Their should have been a new version of it now. If a new version isn’t created, there is going to be an upwar for sure. I’m wondering if these offers are truly loyal to NVDA enough to create a new version of it?

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Respected friend, as far as new remote addon is concern, it is not available!

Thanks to Joseph Lee who patched old remote addon so it will work with NVDA 2018.3.1

If you need it,

Please Click Here <>

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Is the new remote out yet?


On 23-Sep-2018 5:03 PM, Mark wrote:

Hi all,

Can someone tell me if someone has the old remote with the old NVDA and I have the new remote with the latest NVdA will this work

Or do you both have to use the new remote


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