Re: CAPTCHA Be Gone abandoned also?

Ervin, Glenn

Sounds like CAPTCHA Be Gone CAPTCHA Be Gone.
LOL, someone had to say it.


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Again, unfortunately I have no firm evidence on this, but it does appear that CaptchaBeGone has also been abandoned. The following points lead me to this conclusion.
1. Out-of-date software (no support for Firefox above 57, no support for Edge etc).
2. Captchas never end up getting solved in the first place (though to be fair that could be caused by a number of different variable factors, including point 3 below).
3. Customers no longer seem to be billed (billing system comes up with
"500 internal server error" and has done so for a number of months now).
4. Last tweeted 18th September 2016.
5. No reply when contacted.
I won't go starting a rant about the developer involved, however let's just say that these signs come as no big surprise to me, hence the reason I never donated to the NVDA Remote crowdfunding campaign.
That having been said, CBG was a good service while it lasted, and NVDA Remote will still work with NVDA 2018.2 (I just have a portable copy lying around with that installed so that I can still use it when necessary).
Also let's not forget that the Firefox addon interface has been completely rewritten. One of the biggest reasons I'm still stuck on ESR
v52 is the fact that another addon I rely on doesn't work on versions later than 57, and the author has explicitly told me that it isn't physically possible to rewrite his addon with the new interface. So I guess this could also be a possibility with CBG. I just wish we'd been told, one way or the other.

On 23/09/2018 12:09 PM, Patrick ZAJDA via Groups.Io wrote:

Sorry for the off-topic but I contacted CAPTCHA Be Gone last week
without any answer.

It looks like this addon doesn't work with last FireFox version nor
with WaterFox, in fact same as Webvisum (which is free).
Is it like NVDARemote fore which we have no idea of its future?
Strange, it is another project from one of NVDARemote authors which is abandoned...

And to come back more to the list topic, what captcha solver can we
use with NVDA and WaterFox or last FireFox now the two best solutions
are gone out to date?

Thanks and best regards,


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