another puzzling seting - this time Winamp

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I have another puzzling program issue, this time with Winamp.

I'm sure I've experienced this before,but I can't for the life of me remember how I sorted it out!

It relates to the Winamp 5.666 edition. I use it on my home laptop, my tablet computer and this new Dell laptop that I've got for university work.

For some reason I cannot navigate the playlist with NVDA. I suspect there is a setting that relates to how tracks are displayed, but I can't spot it in the preferences. The playlist window is definitely active.

If I move into the playlist I simply cannot navigate up and down the list. All NVDA says is “List.” I have a good 30 mp3s in the playlist and, even if I start a new playlist and then enqueue a further set of mp3s, I remain unable to navigate the playlist.

I didn't bring the Winamp 5.666 installer with me, unfortunately.

I installed the NVDA extended Winamp addon last night but that doesn't seem to have changed anything.

Any suggestions very welcome.


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