Re: CAPTCHA Be Gone abandoned also?

Darren Harris

I completely agree with you! When I lost my site, what site I had, I got rid of my old gaming machine, because it was of no use to me anymore. The monitor and everything associated with it I have gotten rid of. I now have a laptop. Ironically it is much more powerful than what I had before, but because there is no tower system or external monitor, I now have a great deal more space than I did have. I spent a lot of money on my laptop, because I want it to last a good few years. But yes, if I ever did have to get another monitor, then I would get the cheapest available. Because there would be absolutely no point in me buying anything decent as I could not use it any more.

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For my desktop, I’ve got an old beat up monitor I scored at the Good Will for something like seven bucks.

It irks me to no end to pay for something that I have absolutely no use for. I.E. fifty to one hundred or even more bucks for a screen. The only reason I even have one is for the times I need some eyeballs to look at something that may be giving me trouble. Otherwise, the cheaper, the better.






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The only trouble with this solution is that I use a “headless” computer.

I could hook it up to a TV, but I would have to unplug some stuff and find an extra HDMI cable.

But I have used that app on other computers that I had a monitor connected to, when I was setting up the BIOS.

So for most folks, that is a good solution.



It is a NUC PPYH, a small portable desktop, and I don’t normally have a monitor connected to it.



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Hello All,

When I am faced with a CAPCHA challenge, I will make use of the Be My Eyes iPhone app. Just ask the volunteer to tall me what's on the screen. Safer than using an unknown add-on.

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