Re: OCRing pdfs using NVDA?



         I cannot speak to NVDA's OCR capabilities, but will offer a suggestion as a stand-alone.  A company with the unfortunate name, these days anyway, of Tracker Software offers a free PDF viewer called PDF-XChange Viewer.  When you land on the Tracker home page if you do an NVDA search for "free PDF" you'll land straight on the download link for PDF-XChange Viewer.

         It has OCR capability for multiple languages built in to the free version and it has performed very well.  I have used it to process image scanned documents up to several hundred pages in length, and with some not-so-great original scans, and what it can OCR with it's default settings is pretty amazing.  Once an image scanned document that you know contains a lot of text has been opened in the program, simply hitting CTRL+SHIFT+C to run OCR on the file.  You simply save it (standard windows File menu commands) after the OCR is done and you have the file with a permanent text layer added.


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