Re: CAPTCHA Be Gone abandoned also?


Well that is good.

I have always wandered for business dealings or for those that want another way of contributing that while nvda itself is free, maybe there should be a pro version in several teers.

Of course we would have to set these up.

1.  a dedicated support service, especially for businesses, including but not limited to a dedicated script writing service for custom scripts for in house applications, priority support, etc.

Of course you would have to pay for these.

For things that were used and were generally available you could get scripts for free but also buy scripts for certain things.

We can cover a lot of known apps but is it right for an addon developed for a use of a certain place to be free.

packages of synths, I know code factory does a lot of things, but I have wandered if there is a package of reasonable synths similar to what codecguide has done with their free codecs that could be put together, similar to speech hub.

Things like ivona, etc, more addon or sapi packages.

I mean for us users we can ask on here but for a business they may like a central location to ask for things.

If we want to complete with comercial readers like jaws, thats all.

On 9/25/2018 1:18 PM, Michael Munn wrote:
I'm glad that NVDA is a free screen reader. Unlike the other conmercial screem reader NVDA allowed user to develop on their own. This is a good thing. Also NVDA uses the popular python programming.programming language. This is a great programming language


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