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Ivona is an interesting one.

Not in addon and to be honest, the only addons I would buy in sapi or nvda would be the code factory sapi or nvda addons or eloquence ones at 60 and 100 dollars respectivly.

And or the acapella nvda addon package at 120 or the infovox at round 200.

The rest peacemeal cost a lot.

35 bucks a voice if I want a lot 3-600 dollars.

However I am eventually going to have to buy something.

With the issues of 64 bit programs like goldwave using 64 bit voices, and with win10 aparently never staying on 32 bit voices I am going to have to buy 64 bit sapi voices sooner or later.

I thought about codefactory but have my reservations on licencing issues.

I would really like voices I can load onto any system without issues round licences even if it was a copy for 1 unit only since it will only be my station and mine spaciffically that will ever have speech synths on it.

I run slower speech anyway so maybe it won't be to bad.

It would be nice to be able to use win10 to use a 32 bit voice but with everything going 64 bit I have been thinking about buying a 64 bit voice lot.

Trouble is, I will only ever buy 1 particular set of voices.

For 1 I will never be able to afford more than one and space is another thing.

Ivona sound nice, acapella to but if I buy a voice, I want all the voice for my language, so every english voice and maybe japanese voices for if I need to play japanese games maybe.

I'd never pay for them piecemeal though.

The inoetics stuff was ok but did not work with eurofly and after they stopped trading to users, I figured that they wouldn' support their users with the product or honor the activation online so I killed all my information, which meant I wasted 100 bucks but not much good if I can no longer activate.

Ideally I'd like something like old realspeak where you don't activate or anything.

I have been thinking about buying orpheus tts for 40 bucks but I have heard heard bad things about that voice type.

I may have to resort to windows voices which I guess are better than nothing but even so.

On 9/25/2018 2:13 PM, Lino Morales wrote:
Hi. Are their Ivona voices packaged as NVDA add-ons still available? If so what’s the URL and how much do they cost in USD? Thanks.

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