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Look and see if the program you want to use it in sees it.  As I recall, when I install a firefox add-on, all copies of Firefox see it.  It's an extension so look in that category.

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Hello list,

I tried to install Webvisum in a portable Firefox 52.x esr version, but
my computer decided to install it in the current Firefox instead.

I know it's a daft question, but how can I install it in the portable

I'd never had this issue before.

Thanks in advance, ciao,


Il 25/09/2018 05:07, Gene ha scritto:
> But Webvism can still be used if you use an older version of firefox. 
> So you can use a portable version of Firefox for only sites that
> require captcha solution and a current version for all other sites. 
> I'm curious about what will happen when the domain, if I'm using the
> right term, for Webvism has to be renewed.  You may recall that a few
> years ago, whoever was supposed to do so forgot and it wasn't
> available for many days. So the question is will it be renewed again
> or will it just disappear one day?
> Gene
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> Hi Gene,
> That's two for two today.  The only thing I think was kind of bad
> about the way this happened is that the original developer of this
> program didn't tell anyone that he was discontinuing the
> service/software. It was similar to what happened at Webvisum. One day
> it was there, and the next it wasn't.  Unlike James Scholes who tried
> to revitalize the Webvisum add on and actually extended its life for a
> year or so, when it became too much of a problem for him to try
> tackling, he let it be known that he simply didn't have the
> means/resources to continue to make Webvisum compatible with later
> versions of Firefox. That is all you can expect of people; he tried
> and after a time just couldn't do it and he made sure that people knew
> he had tried and couldn't continue.  That's all anyone can ask.
> On 9/24/2018 1:40 PM, Gene wrote:
>> Whether it was more expensive than it should have been is one
>> question.  But being blind may cost you some money because you may
>> need a service that you need to pay for.  Ideally, you would get such
>> services for free but this is not an ideal world and assuming that
>> someone charging for something is exploiting you is not reasonable
>> nor valid logic.  It depends.
>> Gene
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>> I’m glad it’s gone. Why should anybody have to pay to solve captures?
>> It was nothing more than exploitation!
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>>> The only trouble with this solution is that I use a “headless” computer.
>>> I could hook it up to a TV, but I would have to unplug some stuff
>>> and find an extra HDMI cable.
>>> But I have used that app on other computers that I had a monitor
>>> connected to, when I was setting up the BIOS.
>>> So for most folks, that is a good solution.
>>> Glenn
>>> It is a NUC PPYH, a small portable desktop, and I don’t normally
>>> have a monitor connected to it.
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>>> Hello All,
>>> When I am faced with a CAPCHA challenge, I will make use of the Be
>>> My Eyes iPhone app. Just ask the volunteer to tall me what's on the
>>> screen. Safer than using an unknown add-on.
>>> --
>>> Desert
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