Re: another puzzling seting - this time Winamp

Ervin, Glenn

In some cases, it's easier to hand-build your own playlist with Notepad, and the shift + applications key to copy a path.
So one could open notepad, jump around to the files in the order that you want them played, and do shift + applications key and the letter A on each file, and pasting that path into Notepad, and then going to the next file for pasting into notepad and so on.
Then after saving the file, just rename the .TXT part to .WPL or whatever your playlist extension is.

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I seem to recall that winamp play lists were merely text files in any case and can be edited outside of the software in notepad or similar.
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Agree. I don't remember who the add-on dev person or persons are. If any
knows by all means pass that INFO along to us and also to the NVDA add-ons

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There is already an add on for Winamp so this function should probably be
added to it.


On 9/24/2018 2:07 PM, Lino Morales wrote:
Hi Jiles. Yeah that's one NVDA needs to look into now that Winamp finally is
making a come back possibly in October. Your right that NVDA does not read
the list of tracks. I'm thinking an add-on suggestion should be submitted

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Subject: [nvda] another puzzling seting - this time Winamp

Hi all,

I have another puzzling program issue, this time with Winamp.

I'm sure I've experienced this before,but I can't for the life of me
remember how I sorted it out!

It relates to the Winamp 5.666 edition. I use it on my home laptop, my
tablet computer and this new Dell laptop that I've got for university work.

For some reason I cannot navigate the playlist with NVDA. I suspect there is
a setting that relates to how tracks are displayed, but I can't spot it in
the preferences. The playlist window is definitely active.

If I move into the playlist I simply cannot navigate up and down the list.
All NVDA says is "List." I have a good 30 mp3s in the playlist and, even if
I start a new playlist and then enqueue a further set of mp3s, I remain
unable to navigate the playlist.

I didn't bring the Winamp 5.666 installer with me, unfortunately.

I installed the NVDA extended Winamp addon last night but that doesn't seem
to have changed anything.

Any suggestions very welcome.


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