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You may have to use a physical mouse.  As I understand it, NVDA announces what is under the physical mouse when you move it.  The golden cursor, I believe, works with the same virtual mouse as NVDA does.  it is not different in what it works with, rather it adds ways to move it or assign a location to move it to when you want to move it to a location.

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Subject: [nvda] Problem With Submit Button On My Banking Site

Hi Group,

I have been using my bank's online services for a number of years now. 
They have a double security set up. When you first log in, you must pick
a captcha word or expression and save it and remember it and also a
graphical image.  Every time Windows gets a major update or sometimes
it's an architectural change to the website/security of the bank
(whatever that is) you have to reset the security settings.

It happened again this week.  I tried logging in and instead of just the
nromal user name and password, I had to reset the security settings.
Actually this hasn't been as bad as it could be because each of the
images (there are a choice of 20 in all) is defined by NVDA as image
200.jpg, image 201.jpg image 202.jpg and so on.  These images are
consistently associated with the same images, so that isn't the
problem.  This time however, when I had made my choices and move down to
the submit button and try to click it with the space bar, the enter key,
the routing/mouse keystrokes, nothing happens.  I tried this with NVDA,
Narrator and JAWS.  Nothing works.

I seem to remember that on this list, there is some sort of aid for such
instances where you can actually take control over the mouse with
keystrokes and click it in this way.  Am I wrong about this?  It might
have been called something like Golden Cursor or something.  I am using
a desktop PC with Windows ten latest builds.

if anyone nows what I am talking about, I would greatly appreciate some

Thanks in advance for anyhelp.

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