NVDA 2018.3.2 is out!

Quentin Christensen

We are busy at the moment, ladies and gentlemen!

Announcing NVDA 2018.3.2 for your downloading and enjoyment.

As usual, being a "point" release, it only addresses one specific, but severe crash - this time, a crash in Google Chrome when navigating tweets on the Twitter website.

NVDA should offer the update the first time you start it tomorrow, otherwise you can manually check for updates, or head over to the regular download page to grab it: https://www.nvaccess.org/download/

Don't forget to catch up on yesterday's In-Process (also updated) and be sure you have Joseph Lee's NVDA Remote update to work with the new version: https://www.nvaccess.org/post/in-process-25-september-2018/

Kind regards


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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