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It seems dear reader that the bbc web site even for people in the UK is asking you to log in, but my credentials are regected. After some messing about it seems unable to be satisfied. it took my re registration then asked me to sign in, and then said it was invalid as it needed a character which was not a letter. So back we go and try re registering and add a number we then get invalid characters in your password.
I know its probably not NVDA related unless my computer is sending something not told to me, but this is merely the radio I player, a service in the UK which has no age limit or licence requirements and used, until today be just accessible and palyayable.
Why web sites seem to think they can mess people about I have no idea.
It wants age date of birth post code etc, which is silly for radio catch up.
This has also stopped the Web Ie utility from working as well as it cannot download the program list any more.
I do sometimes winder if those who build site think before they do stuff.
I also understand that the new site from my energy supplier is now completely inaccessible as well.
Oh its no my day. Amazon Echo went off line about 9 am and is still down.
I think I'll go for a lie down.
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