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Clive May <clive.may@...>


I'v just logge din with no trouble.  The usual 2 stage process was there.  Nothing about boxes and numbers or anything.

The firs tpage asks for user number and the second for the password or pin number

On 25/09/18 21:33, Brian Crabtree wrote:
Attempts to log into the UK Santander online banking website are causing me some frustration and I wonder if anyone has mastered the challenge that I am currently failing in.

The first login page asks for my User number - it’s a plain edit field and causes no problem.

The page which comes up next asks me for 3 characters from my password and 3 from a 5-digit security number. Here is where the problem lies.

The instructions read “ Enter the following characters of your password” and “Enter the following numbers of your security code”.

Below each is a line of numbers - first, second, third, fourth, etc, which can be voiced by NVDA.

Below each line of numbers are 3 edit boxes, the placement of which determines which characters need to be entered - so, for example, there may be a blank space under first, another blank space under second, then an edit box under third, and so on.

The problem is to figure out under which numbers the edit boxes are placed, and I have run out of ideas.

Can anyone who uses Santander online banking in the UK explain to me how they get round this problem, to complete the login?

Brian Crabtree

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