Re: O.T.: A friend needs info on screen readers history for her thesis



Firstly, I would make a post at in the offtopic room.

Here are a list of links from the dosbox site with screen readers in them

note the file in this big zip file shey may want is called old humanware software.

Weather she can read the keynote manuals in there is well who knows.

The mastertouch folder should have a history and instructional manuals on well synths.

Now as for histories.

Those are just some of a list off google searches on screen reader history I found in like 2 minutes.

Now, your friend is welcome to email me, but I don't know everything,

I came from the 80s which is probably as far back as it goes though there was some work in the 70s.

There were a lot of readers out.

I would contact the major blind organisations to see about getting a history of screen readers, there will be archives somewhere.

For my part I have sent this message at my local foundation tech list and the dolphin list.

There are still some old timers like myself, not many of us now though but still a few from the 80s.

I know histories started from the 60s the first synths were made in the 30s.

Most screen readers were for dos, I don't know every one of them though.

About 10 years back before all the groups changed round it was easier to contact some of these groups.

If your friend can wade through the oldgames.7z file and are able to read the key*.txt files in the keysoft folder and the hw*.txt files in the mastertouch folder then she should get some idea of some of the keynote synths.

Technically if you payed me some cash, I do have a lot of old manuals about, but I'm not shipping the physical coppies to itily for nothing.

Email me offlist if you need more information.

On 9/26/2018 8:15 PM, Mallard wrote:
Hello all,

Please, forgive this O.T. This is the only list I'm on, so I thought of asking here.

A friend of mine, her ein Italy, has been assigned a thesis on the history and evolution of screen readers for Windows.

She doesn't seem to find any suitable material.

Would anyone have any suggestions as to where to look for some documentation that might help her?

I know the request is a bit vague, but that's all I ahve for now.

Thanks in advance.


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