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Robert Doc Wright godfearer

i have a program called folder latch that I use to secure certain information.

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Well, you and the client can keep coppies of your keys though to be honest especially if you autoconnect to something, your system should be password protected so no one can get access to the files.

Sadly there is no way to secure the text files themselves, for autoconnections.

If the files got encripted maybe it would be more secure.

If a key never changes, a zipped protected file would be fine to save them I guess.

However, for safety's sake I'd always use the random key generator, each time you start a new session your client will need you to say a random key back to them.

Its how all the major support people do it including microsoft, I have seen especially with all the computer scams that 4 keys need to be entered in boxes for extra security.

On 9/26/2018 7:30 PM, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:
I would like suggestions for best practices for remembering clients keys when using nvda remote options.
Something to think about, Since God has forgiven it, who are you to keep picking it back up!

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