Re: NVDA 2018.3.1 Sluggish

Mário Navarro

Yes, I have that issue too.
And in browsers in HTML content, it's even worse...
But this issue is not new in this version of NVDA. It's coming from the previous version.
and has not been resolved on this update.
It's really annoying.

Às 16:32 de 26/09/2018, Cearbhall O'Meadhra escreveu:

Hi all,


Since installing Version 2018.3.1 on my Windows 10 PC, I find that the system keeps pausing as if something is buffering.


For instance, when I read a document, If I arrow down line by line, or if I arrow down a long list of filenames, NVDA pauses and goes silent so that I think it has stopped and then suddenly carries on with the list as the arrow continues down the list. If I dont stop arrowing then NVDA comes back at the point where the cursor is active and so misses the lines that I moved over while it was buffering.

Is this usual? Is there anything that I can check that could be causing this behaviour? It is very annoying!


In the attached view log I can see how uneven the timings are between similar keystrokes.


All the best,




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