Moderation on Most Open Forums


Earlier today, the following question was posed:   If the list is monitored by moderators is it not their responsibility to make sure that all posts that contain web links be checked before allowing such posts on the list?

It isn't, and they're not, on virtually any forum you can name.  I don't moderate here, but do elsewhere on and on  The vast majority of group owners and moderators are volunteers, and we have neither the time nor inclination to try to closely monitor the offerings of the membership.

Some will moderate the first post, or first several posts, of anyone joining just to make sure it's a real person and not a bot and that the real person is not a spammer.

If someone finds something problematic then they should report it.  I haven't hit a bad click-through link on any one of the three blind technology forums I participate on in the entire time I've been haunting their cyber halls.


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