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Ervin, Glenn

I work with a lot of middle-agers and seniors who have lost their sight, and web content becoming less accessible is not promising for them.

Many of them struggled with having to learn Jaws and basic accessible pages in years past, and I see these problems, and although I can manage multiple screenreaders and multiple operating systems, I believe this is worse for the larger Blindness population.

I think that for most Blind people, we will see the move away from screenreaders and reliance on things like Amazon Echo and the like, simply because of the complexity that I see emerging with web content and this struggle with having to use more and more tools to get the same job done.

I don’t like it, but it may be a sad reality.




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The use of more than one screen reader is already "generally accepted practice" among a very large part of the screen-reader using population.  Now with both NVDA and Narrator having two at your fingertips is far less of a challenge.

It is a simple fact that certain sites "play better" with certain screen readers at certain points in time.  If one has the option to have a "backup screen reader" and to learn enough of the basic commands to fall back to it when one's favored screen reader is misbehaving with a given site, program, etc., that's simply the wise thing to do.

If you can't, you can't, but that's a separate issue.  And it's completely separate from promoting what is, in fact, best practice for the real world.  Whatever the area of pursuit there is a generally accepted "best practice," but not everyone can do it.  That doesn't mean it shouldn't be encouraged for those who can.

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