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Without specifics, your statements can't be discussed accept in general support or rebuttal.  I will discuss what I've observed. 
Sites are changing, with lots of links being replaced by menus that you use buttons to open and then you see the links in the menus.  This is an unfortunate consequence of mobile devices and the demand they put on web designers to make the most use of the screen for just what is necessary to be shown.  it's annoying and it means you can't just use the find command as you used to nor the links list, which is a completely artificial environment anyway.  Is that one reason people you work with are now having so much trouble, because their completely artificial environment doesn't allow them to see and understand how menus are being incorporated into web sites?  Just one more reason I vehemently oppose the links list.  It is a completely artificial environment that discourages people from working with and understanding the real site design or seeing how it may change over time.
But there is a difference between accessibility and convenience.  Without specifics, I can not discuss what you may have in mind.  Convenience has declined.  Accessibility hasn't.  Indeed, with the replacement of Flash by HTML5 accessibility in terms of audio on web sites has taken a major step forward.
So if you want to present a case that can be argued, specifics are necessary.

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I do a lot on-line, and I have certainly encountered more problems that only a very seasoned user can get through, and some sites that cannot be gotten through without multiple screenreaders, if at all.

That is merit enough to prove my point.




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I think with this most recent trend, we will see less and less Blind people being able to access pages.

I don’t know the solution, but I see a bad trend here.

I hope I’m wrong about the trend.

And I see just the opposite.  Accessibility, overall, has done nothing but get better and better in the decades I've been around that issue and we now have every major commercial operating system maker building-in screen reader technology.

Teaching at the college level (and, possibly, even earlier) related to web design discusses accessibility as a design principle, which it certainly didn't when I earned my computer science degree.

The idea that accessibility is getting worse has no merit.

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