Re: The latest versions of NVDA will not install on my Acer Swift Notebook

Sarah k Alawami

Since I have UAC shut off, alwyas have, I don't face that problem. Try shutting it off and see if tha tworks then turn it back on if yu really want it on. I do not so I don't.

On 27 Sep 2018, at 5:11, Quentin Christensen wrote:

Aside from the avenues others have suggested, once you start the install, on Windows 10, it will bring up a user account control dialog wanting you to confirm that you allow the program to make changes - that's nothing worrying about NVDA, it does that when you install ANY program.  The problem can be, sometimes it opens that dialog and seemingly puts it behind every other open window.  But, if you don't respond to it within 20 seconds or so, it closes, and the install fails.  Once you've told it to install, if you aren't given that dialog, press either ALT+TAB or ALT+SHIFT+TAB (when not on top, it's usually the last window) to find that UAC dialog.

Other than that, I can't think why 2018.2.1 would install and not anything later...

On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 9:10 PM Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
Why would an earlier version of NVDA install and not this version?  It is really not logical to place bloatware or Avast, which is likely not even being used and which I have never heard blocks NVDA from being installed as likely reasons.  It's as though you have drawn up a list of programs you don't like and said, I don't like them so they are likely the problem. 
Is it possible that some program is preventing the installation?  Of course, all sorts of things are possible but the way to proceed is to get someone who has proper technical knowledge to look at whatever relevant logs should be looked at and not just categorically blame this or that program or broad meaningless class (bloatware) of program.
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If this is the first time you have installed nvda and its a new machine. My
main finger of blame is that it needs a bloatware clean down session if not
a total reinstall.
 Avast is almost like a virus and seems to be on every large store purchased
machine just like Norton used to be, indeed some manufacturers fit it.
 There are also often  free trial versions of all sorts of rubbish

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Swift Notebook

> The machine is running Windows 10 home, presumably a recent update. The
> last version that will install is 2018.2.1.
> Subsequent attempts to install end with the Windows error message
> instalation terminated by User. I have not taken any
> action
> since pressing the install button. The machine eventually returns to a
> normal window, but memory has been corrupted. I
> have to restart to get things to work normally.
> John
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