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I agree, my grandpa later in life started with win98, and later xp.

Even though the system got secured eventually by me, he never learned to type fast, and always clicked on things meaning I had to do many reformats and other things to get things working.

In fact, It got so that I was reformatting daily simply because he would turn the unit off in the middle of an update or something.

In the end though, he got called up by someone saying that he had gotten into her computer, it was just after the yahoo breach so I double checked everything, and nothing.

They seemed to want him to pay for  dammages.

He said he hung up the phone but who knows if he did or not.

I assume it was a scam, but it worked.

He threw away his computer, canceled his net connection, throw his cellphone in the bin, and stopped doing much of everything till last year when he died.

Who knows what it was about.

Even before that, what would take me 10 minutes would take him most of the day to do.

Back then a tablet would have been darn usefull.

As it was he was used to writing and using the phone.

And that totally stopped when the local isp switched him over to wireless phone services.

If he had started earlier on maybe.

He never typed with more than 1 finger yet he was really good with an old typewriter from the 60s.

The only reason he got online was because his sports team sent him mails.

He got hacked several times but for ages I didn't see any reason about securing him.

His computer only contained sports information, he never used it otherwise plus by then he was using ancient windows and I had nothing to secure it with.

Plus any message saying he had a problem would just get him turning the system off or reformatting again so if he got a virus, he would probably just buy another computer or something and say it was broken.

When the printer ran out of ink he  threw it away because it was broken.

For those that are older and not used to the systems we use, I would go simple, android or apple maybe but never windows.

Windows as an os is really good.

But its really bad to run because of all the security issues, potential spying issues, and all sorts of things to opperate it.

Of course if you start early enough like I have done thats fine.

But he started to late and I personally think he would have been better without a computer.

With everything turning towards online for my generation its ok and for those fater me the same.

For the one just before like my dad they still have a lot of issues using things.

And the one before never had a system of their own so whow could they ever use it right anyway.

For those born into it its the other way, they don't write or hold a pen right, eventually skills are gained or lost depending where you are.

For the newer generations the tablet is the age.

For me its still the keyboard.

I started with a keyboard, I will feel better using one.

I know its in my power to use touch because a lot of my friends use it and prosper but it will take a lot for me to actually get into that.

I no longer have

On 9/28/2018 2:59 AM, Ervin, Glenn wrote:
I do a lot on-line, and I have certainly encountered more problems that only a very seasoned user can get through, and some sites that cannot be gotten through without multiple screenreaders, if at all.
That is merit enough to prove my point.

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On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 10:22 AM, Ervin, Glenn wrote:

I think with this most recent trend, we will see less and less Blind people being able to access pages.

I don’t know the solution, but I see a bad trend here.

I hope I’m wrong about the trend.
And I see just the opposite. Accessibility, overall, has done nothing but get better and better in the decades I've been around that issue and we now have every major commercial operating system maker building-in screen reader technology.

Teaching at the college level (and, possibly, even earlier) related to web design discusses accessibility as a design principle, which it certainly didn't when I earned my computer science degree.

The idea that accessibility is getting worse has no merit.


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