Re: NVEDA sort of half locking up when working with firefox

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FWIW, Firefox works well on both of my windows 7 home premium 64 bit laptops with Window-eyes 8.4.

From: Gene
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 3:06 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVEDA sort of half locking up when working with firefox
At this point, you haven't done anything to determine whether the problem is with NVDA or Firefox.  Of course, you can try running Firefox with various add ons disabled in NVDA but I would think the best first test would be to use a different screen-reader, such as a JAWS demo with Firefox.  The newer versions of Firefox may have problems and experimenting with disabling add ons may just waist time if they aren't the problem. 
I've seen complaints about the new versions of Firefox here for a number of weeks.  I haven't seen a lot, but I've seen them. 
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> Had firefox 43 here, since before new version of webvisum, you couldn't install un-signed add-ons, but, also now just upgraded firefox to 46, and this was since NVDA 2016.1 and 2016.2 RC1 both seemed to be locking up at times, while working in firefox, with various sites' content.
> Have also tried turning off/on the F123 add-on, in case it and NVDA wre interfering with each other, but, doesn't seem to make a difference.
> Could also maybe try uninstalling both F123 and webvisum add-ons, in case, their form of interaction, etc. might be causing hassles, but, thought might as well ask here if anyone has ideas on what to try?
> And, when I say locking up, at times, it won't help alt-tabbing away from firefox to another app, since NVDA will stay quiet, but, funny enough what seems to help the quickest is to launch narrator, using windows key + enter key, since this is on my windows 10 64 bit machine.
> Do you think there might be something useful in the NVDA log - NVDA + F1 right after NVDA starts speaking again?
> Alternatively, any other thoughts/suggestions on what to try get rid of this - besides browsing web content often enough, my primary job is as a web developer, so I have to spend a lot of time testing/trying out various bits of my own code output in a browser, and firefox is my favourite for that part of it thus far, although I do, at times use both google chrome and IE11 - that one crashes on it's own way too often to be any form of feasible alternative, but, that's probably due to it not really being meant to be used under windows 10 as such?
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