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Who knows.

People like simpler things, as long as it works its fine.

I don't care for the skills we have lost though and how rigid our os in some cases has become.

Sure if it works, fine but if it breaks what is broken and how to fix it are 2 blocks I hit every day.

In dos if it broke there were 10 reasons they could.

Fixes could be just to replace the startup files to a mangled config file or a program.

In windows, it usually is fine.

If a driver or interface breaks you probably can fix it.

But if anything else breaks even if you knew what broke to fix it, is more complex than well reformatting.

When windows breaks now I just reformat.

It makes the problem go away.

At first I tried to fix the issue but 9 times out 10 for me, I don't know what broke, and even if I knew its something I have never heard of or something else one doesn't need to interact with.

I know we put up with a lot of things breaking but so much stuff is dependant on our gear that if it breaks we panic till its fixed.

If my system breaks I am lost without a computer till I reformat and make the problem go away for a time.

In theory an os that is simple and just works may be the future.

Voice controls etc will be the thing.

It will restrict us but then on the other hand if you have used one touch screen or voice system then you used them all.

In startrek the borg were portrayed as bad, yet I recon we will be half way there.

Maybe in a hundred years if the borg were to show up we would concidder it an upgrade probably whould have done it ourselves by then.

On 9/28/2018 3:43 AM, Ervin, Glenn wrote:
The trouble is though that we may see a lot of folks settle for less control over their Internet experiences , choosing to use voice controlled devices over the complexity of page elements that are emerging.
With devices getting smaller, we are seeing a shift from desktop computer-based systems in favor of more portable technology.
Although keyboards are used with this portable age, it makes me wonder of the future of Windows in a non-portable situation, like in home computers.
We, where I work, are still using Windows in the office, and our business people rely on Windows and desktop computers for the business management aspect, but most field staff are using IOS for most of their work.
And maybe the IOS and Android and Windows phone-based OS is where everything is going, and it seems like those environments, at least IOS, suffers less difficulty with web content and accessibility. But that will bring a whole new set of accessibility considerations.
For me, I use a lot of IOS gestures for the touch screen, and a quick review gets me back into the IOS keyboard commands, but it is not my preferred method of accessing the web.
But I am more old-school in that regard, and maybe most of the next generation will be more comfortable doing everything on platforms like IOS/Android than I am and those older than I.

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Accessibility in the web world is, and always has been, a game of catch-up. That is going to get worse, at least in cycles, rather than better.

That is not indicative of the long-term arc, which is unquestionably toward better accessibility.

I'm not denying that when periods of rapid change in web coding appear, there are corresponding periods of accessibility woes. These days, though, those tend to resolve in favor of accessibility, which was not necessarily the case for decades.

If one goes in knowing this, and accepting it as a simple fact, one can avoid a lot of "gloom and doom" thinking, if not frustration. It's supremely frustrating when what had worked is jettisoned for something that, for the moment, anyway, is inaccessible. Nothing is so constant as change.

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