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To be honest all businesses use windows, windows is what everyone uses.

I have a lot of stuff on windows.

I don't think windows will ever end or rather not end like that ms are pushing for a unified interface, a unified os.

Its happening with touch it will happen with things.

We will still have desktop terminals and such.

I don't see us ever loosing  those.

Even in startrek where its all ai and such, people still type.

True its terminals, and large mainframes and computer grids but we will still have the basic things.

On 9/28/2018 4:20 AM, Ervin, Glenn wrote:
As far as desktop systems, I suspect Microsoft is going to move away from them after Windows 10, and desktop systems will be left to Linux.
I think Microsoft will simply sell security upgrades to Windows 7 and 10, with 10 being their last official desktop style operating system.
Thankfully Linux has accessibility built into the main distributions.
If we see Windows discontinuing for desktop systems, we may hope for the developers of NVDA to move over to the Open source Linux platform.
Glenn the uncertain prognosticator

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I think you might be right. A friend of mine was telling me one time that it may get to the point where we'll be totally locked out from using the computer. I agree with you about the training. If things are constantly changing, then what good is it to have all that training? It would be just a waste of time.


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All it takes is one element that is a show stopper for someone, and that can cause them to stop using a screenreader and give up using a computer.
I have been a computer user and teacher since the days of DOS, and I have spent hours stuck on a page because of inaccessible pages that have no work-around, unless you come to a list like this to find out some obscure technique that happens to work.
It sure seems like more and more of this is happening, and it is difficult for screenreaders to keep up.
I don’t agree with your assertion that it is just a matter of training.
I think with this most recent trend, we will see less and less Blind people being able to access pages.
I don’t know the solution, but I see a bad trend here.
I hope I’m wrong about the trend.

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That's largely because of poor training, however. Not for everything, but for a lot of what people do, you can learn perhaps ten or fifteen commands that are different for a different screen-reader and do a lot of what you could do before. Most of what people do uses Windows or program commands. a different screen-reader may use different screen review commands and a different command for read title bar and certain other commands, but a lot of what people do would be the same because a lot of what is done doesn't use screen-reader commands.

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Although this concept of using multiple screenreaders is okay for those of us who can do that, but if it comes to that as generally accepted practice, then the majority of users are left behind.

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On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 08:58 AM, Davy Cuppens wrote:
Simply told, the procedure is unaccessible so cal your bank and tel them.
Not that I don't think this is a good idea, because it is, but you also have to understand that accessibility will always be, to some extent, a game of catch up.

Web coding keeps changing at blinding speed, and that's not going to stop. Sometimes it's a matter of the screen readers catching up to it, and particularly when the reason for doing a certain thing a certain way revolves around increased security.

It's really generally helpful to check to see if what doesn't work under one screen reader might work under another if you happen to have a system with two or more screen readers available. That can help to tease out where the issue might lie.


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