Re: StationPlaylist STudio and Windows 10 App Essentials 18.09.2 released, a note about update channels #addonrelease

Dave Grossoehme

Good Afternoon Joseph and group:  Has anyone else had problems installing add on scripts/programs.  I had to uninstall all my add on's to NVDA.  I thought just by chance I could reinstore, but no chance.  I've gone to the site to get add on's but they won"t update.  I can enter on the name but no action with 1809 build 17763 and nvda 1803.


On 9/18/2018 12:28 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:


Correction: for SPL Studio, version should be 18.09.2-lts.




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Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 12:27 PM
Subject: [nvda] StationPlaylist STudio and Windows 10 App Essentials 18.09.2 released, a note about update channels #AddonRelease


Hi all,


StationPlaylist Studio and Windows 10 App Essentials 18.09.2 is now available. Both versions come with mitigations for update channel selection:


  • StationPlaylist Studio 18.09.9: this is the update channel locking update. If you are using 18.09.1 and prefer to stay on stable builds, please do NOT install 18.09.2, as the update channel will be switched to longterm after installing it.
  • Windows 10 App Essentials: a bug regarding update checks reported by a user should be no more (more on that below).


Regarding Windows 10 App Essentials: the bug in question may have been caused by the fact that users might be running really old pilot snapshots (subsequently confirmed by me). I did say numerous times that update checks from old pilot builds will end in September, but apparently this warning was missed by a few. I’ll say it again (and one last time): no more pilot snapshot builds (unless things change later in future). Thus if you find that update check isn’t working for you from the add--on itself, check which add-on version you’ve got, and if you have a pilot snapshot, switch to stable channel for now.


Speaking of channels and update checks: the above notice does not apply if you are using Add-on Updater to check for Windows 10 App Essentials development snapshots. This capability will be extended to everyone on Thursday, including for those on stable channel.



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