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On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 07:58 PM, Gene wrote:
I'm not talking about training and retraining and retraining.  I'm talking about proper training in the first place.
And part of that proper training is warning people that things will change and break, constantly, and they will be called upon to do exactly what Mr. Canazzi has said, go through the page and figure out exactly what has changed.  Sometimes that means turning to your screen reader commands reference, too.

Yes, this is a PITA.  But if you can't or won't do this your world, for any you, as a screen reader user will just keep becoming inaccessible again and again and again with no recourse.  That's seldom the case if you take the time to try to figure out what changed or ask someone you know who's sighted (or blind) and uses the same site as you do if they've noticed it change lately, and how.  The fact of the matter is that for instant analysis of what's changed in a visual medium asking a friend who's sighted will often be faster.

There is no sin, nor dependence, in reaching out to other people when you get stuck and it's often the fastest way to get unstuck.  This is all the more true if you've tried reviewing the page and find yourself so frustrated you want to damage something or someone.  No one thinks clearly once they reach that point and walking away for a while is a very good idea when that occurs.

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