Re: Important (please read): Moderator's farewell letter: ask not what this mailing list can do for you, ask the other way around


Hi Josiph! Arlene here. You are going to be missed. I hope you stay on this
list if you are not a mod.

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ask not what this mailing list can do for you, ask the other way around

Hi Joseph, I'd like to wish you good luck on your future endeavors.
Thank you for being involved with the list.
It has been a pleasure speaking to you whenever i did so.
And, cheers to nvda, and its long long long life.

On 6/1/2016 2:15 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Dear members of the NVDA international users list, NVDA community,
NVDA users, developers, supporters and others:

For the past three years, from the moment Nimer Jaber, our head
moderator welcomed me into the ranks of list moderators until now, I
always thought about what we can do to make this place a welcoming
lounge for many people from all walks of life. Through these years, I
wrote many add-ons, produced tutorials, arbitrated in various cases,
organized first NVDACon series, learned a great deal from you all and
made many mistakes. As I step down from the moderator's podium and
welcome another to this podium, I do not regret my moderator days. I
hope that Gene Asner, the one chosen to take my place, will be an
understanding moderator as he assists nimer in running this community.

As I step down from this position, I'd like to request that you please
listen to a plea from a fellow member of this list:

You all are diplomats of NonVisual Desktop Access. As a representative
of a movement, your words, actions and posts will decide the
reputation of NVDA screen reader. Do not say to yourselves, "this is a
mailing list for users only". This mailing list is just one part of an
archive of public information available on NVDA. As such, please be
careful in word choice, how you respond and so on, as list archive is
visible to everyone around the world.

Understand those who disagrees with you. We live in a world where
cultures clash, ideas battle each other, and conflicts abound. What
would be use of a mailing list if we form cliques due to
disagreements? This is more so on a product support forum where we
have people from diverse backgrounds, different needs, different
settings, varying levels of NVDA know-how and so on. Please be
understanding when someone disagrees with you, as it is better to see
people working together than groups being destroyed due to flame wars
and so forth.

Lastly, if there is one advice I'd like to pass on, it would be a
quote from a former president of the United States: ask not what your
country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. I would
change that quote to something like this: as a member of the NVDA
community, ask not what NVDA, NV Access, other members and supporters
can do for you; rather, ask what you can do for this community, to
promote NVDA, make NVDA mailing list a welcoming place for all and to
serve this community. For moderators, to ask what we can do to serve
members, including those who disagree with us.

As of this moment, I hereby declare that all moderation privileges I
had will pass onto Gene Asner. As a member of this list, I'll do my
best to follow our new moderator's wishes and obey the rules of this
list. Stepping away from moderator's podium does not mean I'll leave
this community - whatever new role I'm assigned to, I'll do my best to
carry out my duties as a member of this community.

Thank you. To Gene, good luck, and to Nimer, it was a wonderful
experience serving as a moderator under your leadership for the past
three years.

Audio version of this letter (entitled "Farewell Address to NVDA
mailing list") can be found at:


Joseph S. Lee

Student (Communication Studies), Los Angeles City College

Former student (computer science), University of California, Riverside

Translator, code contributor and community add-ons reviewer, NVDA
screen reader project

Former moderator, NVDA International Users List

Immediate past chair and organizing advisor, NVDA Users and Developers
Conference International

Chair, NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee

Chair, NVDACon Korea

Head list representative, Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users

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