Re: O.T.: A friend needs info on screen readers history for her thesis

Michael Munn

Thanks Sky so much for this great detail of the Evilution of screen reader. Technology change like crazy now days.
I still remembered the first screen reader that I learned to navigate the Windows desktop with.
I was an user of the NVDA screen reader until 2011. In 2011 I got accepted to a school for the Blind in China. In the School for the blind they teach their students how to use Sunshine. Sunshine is another screen reader developed by the Chinese programmer. I've been a Sunshine screen reader user for 3 years until 2014.
I moved to United States in May of 2014. I did not learn any screen reader at that time.
In 2015 I start to learn how to use Window-eyes for office. I've been a Window-eyes for Office user for 1 years until 2016.
In Early of 2016 I heard about Jaws for Windows Students addition. I start using Jaws in October of 2016.
In March of 2017 revisited the NVDA Screen Reader.
NVDA Screen reader is a very good screen reader
Unlike the commercial screen reader NVDA is developed by volunteers mostly.

Thanks Mic and Jamie for this great screen reader.
Best Regards
Michael Munn
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