Re: where to report translation errors/problems of NVDA 2016.2?

Mr. Wong Chi Wai <>

Hi, Joseph
Thanks for your reply.
The following items are displayed in English while interface language is Chinese Hong Kong:
play sound for spelling error while typing in keyboard configuration page;
report grammar errors in document format configuration page;
create portable copy and manage addons under submenue of nvda>tools;
after clicking create portable copy, the cancel button is in english

The above are those I have explored at this moment, thanks.

Joseph Lee 於 2/6/2016 14:35 寫道:

Can you tell me which messages should be fixed so I can forward it to translations team? Thanks.

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Subject: [nvda] where to report translation errors/problems of NVDA 2016.2?

I just tested the newest NVDA and found some translation problem. To be exact is some english item name are found in chinese nvda settings.
Is it also to report to issues of the nvda page?

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