Re: A friend needs info on screen readers history for her thesis

Ian Blackburn

I take the same hardline again subscription services like that
With office just purchased the home and student edition
I’ve got office 2010 and will look at the new version next year sometime late next year
By then the developers of nvda would have got it working with office 2019
Regards Ian

On 30 Sep 2018, at 6:25 am, Travis Siegel <> wrote:

While an average of 5 bucks a month isn't bad, I'm diametrically opposed to anything that requires my software be a subscription base. That means that if I (for whatever reason) don't, or can't pay the subscription, I loose access to that particular piece of software, and depending on what that piece of software is, that could spell disaster for me as a computer user. Nope, not happening. I refuse to use such services, which is why I will never buy a subscription to office 365. I don't mind paying for external services, such as storage, backups, and the like, but I will never pay for a subscription to something that is an integral part of my system, because if it gets turned off, I can no longer use my system, and that I will not tolerate.

On Sat, 29 Sep 2018, Sky Mundell wrote:

saddened at FS right now. Basically, they are going to a subscription base
model for authorisation, in JAWS 2019. The way it is going to work, is in
the US, you will be able to purchase a home annual licence, but you will
have to keep renewing your subscription to keep JAWS authorised. Eventually,
all of the SMA's etc. will be in the portal, and everything will be
subscription baste for jfw. And I believe the price will be $60 per year.

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