Re: A friend needs info on screen readers history for her thesis

Michael Munn

This is the plan from Vispero. This service is only for those people who are behind on their Jaws renewal. for US custemer only.
The portal service will make the Jaws license holder to activate and deactivate their Jaws License much easier. I personally think that this is a perfect step to take.
The License holder for once don't have to call Vispero to get their license reset again.
I don't know if you all know a screen reader called Fliper
It's developed by a college professor
He has a day job. If a person want to unlock their previous license they have to wait until the college professor get back from work.
I remembered Jonathan Mosen mentioned on one of his podcast that he have to get up in 4:00 in the morning New Zealand time just to get his Flipper unlocked.

The portal service will allow user of Vispero™ products to manage their own license 24—7.
No more waiting and no more worrying.
Best Regards
Michael Munn
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