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Not necessarily.  We don't know if whatever is displayed is accessible.  Mouse over, in my experience, hasn't been used much and that may be why no screen-reader other than JAWS uses it.  In addition, language is important.  This is not an app.  It is a feature.  it simulates hovering the mouse over a link and tells the blind person where the screen changes and allows the person to jump to that part of the screen. 
I doubt, though I don't know this, that the ITunes control is accessible.  I didn't use JAWS with it, as I recall, but I did move the mouse, using NVDA, to the link.  I then looked at the screen.  I saw nothing relevant. 
It would be interesting, and perhaps useful,  if this were evaluated systematically and properly. 

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I also feel that with very little effort the page designers could make their
pages far more usable with screenreaders. It sounds as if jaws has invented
a compromise mini app to get around the issue. It is not intuitive and
really a company like Apple should really fix their site so anyone can use
it. I wonder what narrator does on that page. Like most of us here. I do not
have an apple account so I doubt I can test it out unless there are some
free demos for guests.

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JAWS has a mouse over function.  NVDA doesn't.  I don't know if JAWS would
be at all useful in this context because I don't know what happens on screen
when you hover the mouse over a listen link.

You can move the mouse to your current position with NVDA but that isn't the
full ability that is necessary to work with mouse over links as you do in
JAWS.  JAWS announces where a change on the screen takes place and offers a
jump to dialog so you can enter the position information to move there and
see what has changed on screen.  JAWS also has a way for you to jump back to
the previous position.  In NVDA, the ability to move the mouse is just so
you can left click something after you move the mouse.  it has nothing to do
with telling you or allowing you to work with any changes on screen related
to a mouse over function.

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           Normally I'd love to help you (or almost anyone) out, but since
this is an iTunes page, and I do not have iTunes nor an iTunes account the
things you see when you land on this page and what I'm presented with are
totally different.

           I know that mouse over has been discussed here before, and I
would have sworn there were actually mouse over commands documented for
NVDA, but I'm not finding them in the latest documentation.  I'll take a
quick look at the archive and see if I can find any topics that cover
dealing with mouse over menus.


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