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I don't know how you worked with it with JAWS nor by contrast, with NVDA.  Are you familiar with NVDA ways of screen review such as object navigation and flat review?  Whether you are or not, it sounds as though you worked with NVDA Direct Cut in an inefficient and cumbersome matter with JAWS.  To select material you want to remove do the following:
Move to the beginning of the material you want to remove.  Set the start marker with the letter b.  Move to the end of the material you want to remove and set the end marker with the letter n.  Press delete.  the material is removed.
You may want or need more information such as how to make fine adjustments in the positions of the markers and how to hear where they are.  I won't go into all that here.  But if you are using a program relying on things like the JAWS cursor, it's a good idea to ask on a list like this if there is a more efficient way to work with the program.
A long time ago, I was learning Audacity and I found many controls I could use the JAWS cursor with, such as a record icon.  There were no menu commands for record or play.  I found out on a list, that just typing the letter r starts recording.  All that time fooling around looking for and using the icon when all I have to do is type r to start recording, space to stop recording, and other commands I won't go into here that are nowhere in the menus.
I expect you could find them in a list of program commands as well but in cases like this where there are only a very small number you want to know, the most efficient way to find out may be to ask on lists. 
In other words, don't assume what commands are present based on what is in menus.

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Subject: [nvda] Nvda and mp3directcut

Hello all,

I nedd work with mp3directcut, but I cannot select the region to cut.

When I worked with Jaws I could read all parts of the window, but now
with nvda I don't find what I need in the menu.

I ask:

Is it compatible with nvda?



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