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All I can say at this time is the address shown is the home for the
community add-ons.
I'm intentionally limiting my statement for two important reasons:
1. Yet another entry point for huge discussions: add-ons and where to find
them (and no, not exactly a pun on a Harry Potter book if you know what I
mean) is among top five discussion topics that tends to generate side
conversations (the topmost one is when the next NVDA will come out). In case
the thread degenerates into that, I'd like to request (as a code contributor
and add-ons community press secretary) to keep it civil please.
2. Other add-on hosting services: there are couple others out there, but the
position of the NvDA community is to direct you to the official community
add-ons website first. Although you can get add-ons from sites that does
host add-ons, there will come a time in the future where the community
add-ons website and add-ons hosted on there will offer additional services
(if you are using one particular add-on, you're effectively already tasting
the future).
Thank you.

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Someone in another post spoke about addons. the only address I have for
addons is:

Is there another?
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Subject: [nvda] Openwith barely usable with NVDA 2018.3

When launching a file type that has no associated eextension, windows pops
up a dialog asking what program with which to open the file.
Since upgrading to windows build 1803, this dialog is no longer read fully
by NVDA. When it comes up, NVDA says the word pane and nothing else. Object
navigation will take you to the various controls, such as the list of
applications, but single clicking does not bring the list to focus so that
it can be arrowed through. Nor can I use object navigation itself to read
the list. When pressing NVDA+numpad-7 to try and switch to screen review,
NVDA says nothing and review mode is not switched.
Is this a known issue?

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