Re: Files not showing

JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

Try searching for the files using Windows search feature.

Maybe they somehow did not end up where you expect.

Also refreshing the file explorer window with f5 sometimes seems to help. But that’s probably not going to help you as you say you already opened the explorer window to your new folder *after* copying the files.


You could try other things. Go to where you think the documents ended up on the c (or whatever) drive and check the properties. Does it show space used by the folder? If it says “0 bytes”, it’s possible the files did not even copy.


I’ve never had files physically disappear after a windows update, but it’s possible something is screwed up with the documents library. You should still be able to access the actual documents folder. Maybe open the run box and type in the path to your personal documents folder and see what happens. In my case it would be “c:\users\jm\documents”.


From: <> On Behalf Of Howard Traxler
Sent: September 30, 2018 3:05 PM
Subject: [nvda] Files not showing


Hi, I'm just starting to use my new Win10 machine.  I copied many files and folders from my documents folder of an older machine into the documents folder under "this pc" on the new one.  Now when I go to this pc and open the documents folder, all I see is folders; no files.  I know they're in there because I was accessing them before windows did an update.  Now they don't show up.  Neither in "this pc" nor in "file explorer".--my mistake: two filenames do show, an ini file and a zip file.  When I look at properties for the folder, I see that there are 286 items in there.
What should I do to get them back?
Sorry; I failed to mention that I'm using the current version of NVDA.  But the demo of jaws doesn't see the files either.


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